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Covid-19 & Rowing 

COVID-19 Guidance for Members & Parents

These guidelines are to be followed in conjunction with the Risk Assessment that has been carried out

Rowing of the Gigs, Flash Boats and Skiffs is now able to resume within the club under updated guidelines from the Government and the CRA. 

The Club have set out new guidelines and carried out a Risk Assessment to which each member must conform to in order to keep themselves and others safe.


Each member is requested to read the following before any rowing is undertaken


  • Initially, rowing of boats to take place within the same groups of people, when possible


  • Face coverings are to be worn by all rowers and the Cox whilst launching and putting away the boat; club members are responsible for bringing their own face coverings

  • Everyone is responsible for sanitising their own hands before and after rowing; club members are responsible for bringing their own hand sanitiser


  • Cox’s are responsible for ensuring they are wearing a face and eye covering i.e. a visor or mask with sunglasses and should refrain from shouting


  • Crew members must not turn around to talk to each other whilst in the boat to minimise close face to face contact


  • Please allow 10 minutes either side of rowing to allow time for hands and equipment to be sanitised; you are responsible for ensuring this is done and must not rely on the person before you having sanitised the equipment. There will be fairy washing up liquid/ sanitising spray, a brush and a bucket available for each boat so equipment can be washed down


  • You must maintain social distancing at all times at a minimum of 1 meters if you are not from the same household


  • There will be a log kept by Yas so the Club can maintain a track and trace system should any member become ill or show symptoms


  • If you have had any COVID-19 symptoms within the 7 days prior you must not partake in any rowing activities and must inform the Club as soon as you become aware of this by contacting YASMIN on 07792 119319 or


  • If you become aware that you have come into contact with anyone who has COVID-19 symptoms or a confirmed case it is also your responsibility to contact the Club as above.


  • You must be up to date with the Club subscription amount due- please refer to this years pro-rata table for subs



The above guidelines will be reviewed regularly and changed if needed.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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