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Club History


Rock Rowing Club was founded in 1999. Over 100 local people helped financially and together with a local charity and the North Cornwall District Council the members raised the balance required to purchase its first Cornish Pilot Gig, Speedwell. A gig shed was built and a fibreglass training gig was purchased.


The Club now has 2 traditional wooden racing gigs, 2 plastic gigs, two flash boats and a Skiff. Swift is our newest gig and she was purchased with the help from Sport England and the Cornish County Council.

The Club has a lively junior section of under 14's and under 18's and supports three women’s teams as well as men’s and veteran teams.

There are also club rows for those that just enjoy rowing on the Camel Estuary.

The club is open to all and is well supported by the local community. It rows from the Rock life boat slip most days in the Summer and regularly meets up with Padstow and Port Isaac on the Estuary.

Rock Rowing Club has been supported by Sharps over the years and recently they have become one of our major sponsors, doing the Race the Doombar challenge together and the association between the two has become much stronger. It has enabled the Club to purchase new equipment and maintain their boats to the highest standards. 

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