Organised by JAN (2 Julies and an Ann) your Social Secretaries






Rock Rowing Club operates a 50 Club which helps to fundraise for the club. Over the year 50% of the 50 Club income is paid back in prizes and 50% goes into club funds.

Once a month we hold a draw and pay out to the lucky winner(s).


Members of the 50 Club pay by standing order once a month - £5 for one entry into the draw.


If you would like to join the 50 club, please get in touch with the Treasurer.

Winning numbers in 2020:

January 25

February 19

March 48

April 17






Winning numbers in 2019:

January 31

February 7

March 35 - many thanks to the Winner who has donated the prize back to Club funds!

April 25

May 5

June 10

July 42

August 44

September 16

Winning numbers in 2018:

January 42

February 35

March   7

April 33

May 28

June 42

July 10

August 17

September 23

October 11

November 2

December 10


We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone than supported our Silent Auction at the end of last year.

Through everyones generous donations we were able to donate £335 to the Red Cross for their Indonesia Earthquake & Tsunami Appeal- well done everyone!



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