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Organised by Chrissie






Rock Rowing Club operates a 50 Club which helps to fundraise for the club. Over the year 50% of the 50 Club income is paid back in prizes and 50% goes into club funds.

Once a month we hold a draw and pay out to the lucky winner(s).


Members of the 50 Club pay by standing order once a month - £5 for one entry into the draw.


If you would like to join the 50 club, please get in touch with the Treasurer.

Recent Winners:

October 2021    Chrissy Muir
November 2021    Chrissy Muir
December 2021    Sandy Towers
January 2022    Frank Evans
February 2022    Clare Leverton
March 2022    Bro Diplock
April 2022    Sandy Towers
May 2022    Jo Tyrrell
June 2022    Ali Collett
July 2022    Clare Leverton
August 2022    Sandy Towers
September 2022    Jim Vinton
October 2022    Jane Anderson
mber 2022    Jim Burke
December2022    Jo Tyrrell

January 2023      Jo Tyrrell

February 2023  Jane Anderson

March 2023    Chrissie Muir

April 2023    Clare Leverton

May 2023     Bro Diplock

June 2023   Clare Leverton

Jul 2023    Ali Collett

August 23   Jo Tyrrell

September 2023    Jessica Lawrence

October 2023    Jo Tyrrell







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