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                                  . Emergency services Fire, Police, Ambulance, Coastguard:       999

                                  . Doctors surgeries:                                                              Port Isaac: 880222  Wadebridge: 812222

                                  . Local hospital minor injuries unit:                                         Bodmin: 251555 Truro:018722 50000

                                  . NHS Direct:                                                                       111

                                  . RNLI Station:                                                                     01208 863033                              

                                  . Lifeguard, Polzeath beach:                                                  01208 862314

                                  . Nearest ‘phone:                                                                 RNLI Station/ Beach House/Rock Inn/ Blue Tomato

                                  . Defibrillators situated:                                                        Waterski school, PHC Office, Polzeath lifeguards


Safety and First Aid Equipment in boathouse includes:

  •  First Aid Box  

  • 12 x Life jackets


Safety equipment in Jane D and Sandy T: 

a) Replacement pins and bucket         

b) Tow line (bow line

                                                c) Bailer                                                     

                               d) Throw line                                   

e)  Fog Horn

f)  Thermal blanket & blanket

g)  Flares

h)  Fire Blanket 

i)   Knife

j)  Torch    


    a), b), c) and d) in boat; remainder in dry bag tied under coxswain’s seat

    There are 8 life jackets in a dry bag forward in both gigs


  • Mobile phone or vhf radio must be carried in boat

  • No rowing after sunset

  • Rowing with wellingtons is not allowed unless a life jacket is worn

  • Unless previously notified to someone ashore, navigation limit for novice rowers is the Green buoy. Limit for all level 1 coxswains is the red outer buoy

  • There is a plan of the estuary in the lifeboat station, drawing attention to the applicable navigation rules and any local interpretation required to accommodate particular hazards.


1. The Club carries adequate comprehensive insurance to cover personal injury to members on and off the water and personal injury and damage to property or third parties.

2. Posters on water safety, life saving and resuscitation procedures are displayed in the lifeboat station.

3. An accident log is maintained by the safety officer and is available for inspection at all times, giving time, place and nature of accident, injuries         /damages sustained and names and addresses of witnesses. All cases of accident involving injury shall be notified to the CPGA who will advise on any further action necessary.

4. Everyone participating must be in good health, and life jackets made available to all.  Physically challenged athletes participating in organized            rowing activities must be provided with suitable rescue facilities to cope with any accident whilst afloat.



For the safety of all concerned, rowing equipment should be maintained in good order; any damaged equipment should be put to one side and a committee member informed.



  • Coxswains are not only concerned to coach their crews, he or she has a responsibility for their safety at all times whilst they are in his or her charge.

  • Coxswains shall ensure that every member of the crews of which they have charge is aware of the appropriate safety procedures at all times.

  • Coxswains shall ensure that the whole crew including themselves, are dressed suitably, adequately protected for the weather conditions they are likely to encounter.

  • Coxswains should wear life jackets (conforming to BS3595 standard) and must if any juniors are in the boat. Juniors under 16 MUST wear life jackets

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